Altered Fate/World is one of the many stories and possibilities of the Altered Fate Multiverse. It primarily focuses on seven Masters of the a Holy Grail War known as the Holy Grail World War. Each Master summoning a Servant of each of the seven main classes. Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Assassin, Rider and Berserker. They must strengthen their Servants, defeat other Masters and acquire the Holy Grail.



Altered Fate/World is set in a possibility nexus where the limits of Magecraft is different as it is still able to thrive despite the progress of Science; it takes place at 2225. As it stood, the Fuyuki Holy Grail War of 2005 failed as it was dismantled in 2012 after its conclusion. But, there were those who continued to seek the Holy Grail and its power. It is because of this, the dismantled parts were stolen before being able to be properly be disposed of. Currently who the thieves are, where they have taken the parts and how they rebuilt it is unknown. All that is known is that an unknown party has restarted the Holy Grail War in a global scale within a recreated world. All that is known about the Holy Grail War is that it has been revised and changed. Ushering the beginning of the Holy Grail World War with an unknown amount of Masters.


Awakening without any prior memory. Seven Masters find themselves at their respective homes, but the world felt empty, save for their summoned Servants. Discovering that they're in a dream-like Virtual World and that the only inhabitants are Enviros and other Masters. They must search and defeat other Masters in order to win the Holy Grail War. Without any other information, the Masters begin their first steps by uncovering the reason of joining the Holy Grail War and their motivation with only their respective Command Modules and Servants to lead the way.