Archer's true name is Gerald Hundson Reignflame, a member of the Reignflame family. The Reignflame family are known as Vampire Hunters, aiming to exterminate every single Vampire in the world. He was one of the few surviving members of the family after the event that was known as "The Culling of Reapers".


With tidily combed brownish-red hair and blue eyes, he would be considered attractive if not for the near-permanent scowl he wears on his face. When first summoned, Archer wears an undershirt similar to those of old Templars topped with a jacket. He only wears armor at his elbows, hips, under-waist. Two crossbows and a silver dagger are strapped to the sides of his belt, and a long bow strapped to his back. Within his jacket hung a beautifully carved stake and two round-shaped containers filled with the worst stench vampires can think of.


Archer is a quiet person. He rarely speaks or shows his emotions even to his Master.


In combat, Archer favors his double crossbows more than his long bow. At medium range, he can devastate enemies by firing a huge volley of crossbow bolts. If the enemy is getting a little too close, Archer would switch to his silver dagger and attempt to put some distance. At long range, Archer would switch to his long bow, sniping others from far away. At certain situations, he would use his garlic incense bomb. Similar to tear gas, it causes irritation to the eyes and nose of anyone caught within it.

Archer's Noble Phantasm is Reignflame's Justice. When active, Archer goes into a trance, allowing him to perform attack at all direction (360 degree) and increases his accuracy by 2 times. This Noble Phantasm is limited to only when he uses his crossbows.