Caster's identity is Iekaka, the prophetess in the Northen lands of per-Islamic Arabia.



Upon summoned, Caster has the appearance of a little girl aged about 10, wearing white robes that are too big for her tiny figure. Most of the time, the hood covers the upper part of her face in shadows, making it hard to read her emotions. The only accessory she bears is a pendant, which is actually a stone with a Desert Rose that was formed on it naturally.


With each vision she foresaw, her appearance grows older, so does her magic. Still wearing the same robes that slowly fits her figure, Caster constantly looks sad and she always stare into space. She will squint to look at things as her eyesight worsens.




Noble Phantasm: Journey of The Blind Prophetess

From the point she was summoned, Caster obtains the ability to glimpse into the future with precognition. However, this ability has certain restrictions such as having no control of who or what she sees and when would she receive visions. Caster can only glimpse the future of people whom she had seen before. Everytime she receives a vision, Caster's eyesight will worsen until she is eventually full blind, her appearance will change as if she grows a little older, her skills in magic also increases, and her thoughts will slowly mature.


As Caster's Noble Phantasm affects her skills as a Caster, her skill ranks chnages with each use of Journey of The Blind Prophetess.

Territory Creation E

Can be raised up to rank B.

Item Construction E

Can be raised up to rank C.


Poison Submission EX

Due to being poisoned as a form of torture near the end of her life, Caster gains reduced resistance against snake venom.