The Holy Grail World War is a national-wide Holy Grail War between Magi, dubbed as Masters. They must eliminate each other in order to win the Holy Grail by utilizing Heroic and Divine Spirits as Servants.

Difference from the Holy Grail War

Though much remains the same such the gathering Magi labeled as Masters whom summon Servants and control them via Command Spells. But many there has been many new implementations to the Holy Grail War that it can no longer be supported in the real world. Instead, a virtual space that can be entered by Spiritron-hackers was created as the War could only be contained in this controlled space.

New implementations such as Command Modules, Factions, Connected Relationships, Servant Teams, Anti-Skills, High-Skills, Ascension, Prime Parameters, Deadman's Trials, Bounties, Ranking, Enviros and Grail Phenomenons.